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Please note, I am on Maternity Leave until further notice. Please see my Events page for where to buy local.

Hand Painted Mugs

20 OZ unique mugs
Hand wash only.
Sealed with bake on sealer for durability.


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Pendant statement pieces that are sure to get attention.


Purchase on my Etsy!
Hand wash only.
Sealed with bake on sealer for durability.
4 x 4.5 inches
Beautiful hand painted planters to showcase your greenery. Unfortunately, no drainage holes in these ones. Insert rocks in bottom or removable plastic planter for air circulation.

Mini Planters

Purchase on my Etsy!
Want a different color? Contact me!
Hand wash only.
Sealed with bake on sealer for durability.
3 x 2.5 inches
Great for single succulent or cacti accents on your coffee table, window sill, or desk at work. Drainage hole drilled in bottom.


I have been receiving a ton of questions about my products; here are a few frequently asked questions!

What do you use for paint?

I use a paint called alcohol ink. It is an ink in an alcohol base. The alcohol evaporates off as I am painting to create the interesting textures and patterns.

What surfaces do you paint on?

Alcohol ink is used on exclusively non-porous surfaces for maximum color depth and ease of application.

I have worked with alcohol ink on ceramics, porcelain, glass, vinyl and a particular paper called Yupo Paper.

Are your products dishwasher safe?

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a sealer that holds up against the dishwasher. All my products are hand wash only.

NOT DISHWASHER SAFE? How do I wash the mugs?

Always treat hand painted products with care. Handmade products are always expected to have a level of fragility. Just the same as a homemade silk scarf would always be hand wash and hang to air dry, hand painted art dishware should always be hand washed gently, using a cloth with a light dish soap such as Dawn Free and Gentle Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap. Never scrub the mugs excessively. This will cause abrasions in the sealer, and the mug will lose it's food-safe qualities.

Are your products food safe?

The sealer I use is NON-TOXIC, but it is intended for adornment and ornamental use, it is not intended for direct food contact. The outside of a coffee mug, for example, is safe. The concern comes in when painted on plates and dishware, chipping from utensils such as a fork and knife can cause abrasions on the surface where bacteria could become trapped in the cracks. The sealer itself is not harmful, and can be ingested even if scraped off. It has been tested extensively at universities and deemed food safe by many professionals, but is not currently FDA approved "food safe" do to the expense associated with the process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The paint UNDERNEATH the bake-on sealer is toxic. If the sealer has been chipped, cracked, or put through the dishwasher, it cannot be ingested and would be deemed exclusively ornamental.

I do not advise using any product that has been compromised!

How do you seal your mugs?

I use a particular combination I've been developing and testing over the past year. The final step of my process is a non-toxic bake on enamel. Regardless of the durability, the detergent of the dishwasher is STILL too rough on my pieces. It will give a melting look to the mug. Until I find a dishwasher safe method, I am not willing to disclose my particular process at this time.

However, I have heard great reviews regarding using resin and what is called an Epoxy Resin Cup Turner. Check out Youtube for tutorials on how to make your own!  Another product that is popular is the Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge. Be warned, I would never truly trust the "dishwasher safe" label with anything that has had time put into it. You don't want to wreck all your hard work!

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