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Kelowna, BC

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East Kelowna Market, 2018

Live painting is an intriguing passive performance art for any event.

Jaide Fox has been performing live painting since 2017. Her first event was at the East Kelowna Market, and since then, has been in love with the combination of performance and art.


Having been a performance dancer in the past, I understand how pivotal it is to operate with professional conduct. How a performer acts off the stage is just as representative of a business or venue as when they are on the stage.

2019. Venue: Flux 74 Eatery.

Time: 3 hrs (split between 3 pieces)


and Presentable

I am friendly and laid back, always willing to engage in conversation about the work I am doing. I dress for the event accordingly whether formal or casual. While I may get paint on myself (and my favorite shoes!), I always put down a canvas floor protection to ensure your floors stay clean and operate by the rule of "leave it as you found it."

2019. Venue: Flux 74 Eatery.

Time: 3 hrs (split between 2 pieces)


Space needs are assessed and based on the event. I am happy to accommodate almost any situation. I've worked on several canvases of 11x14 in as small a space of 6' radius, and I've worked on a stage on a larger canvas. I have both tabletop and stand up easels. Time and space constraints are no problem. If I am working small, I simply bring multiple canvases to ensure I have something to present the entire event.

Live painting is always an interesting performance. I am ambidextrous so depending on the canvas size, I can get both hands going at the same time. Sometimes I will paint an entire canvas and throw the audience for a loop by repainting over the entire piece, or I will turn the canvas 90 degrees and change the entire composition.

I use different tools, techniques, and color palettes, and can work around general themes.


2018. Venue: Arts on the Avenue.

Time: Periodically over day

2019. Venue: Seismic Fest, Silverstar.

Time: 1 hr

What to Expect

I will show up before the event begins to lay out floor protection, set up

my easel and paint space, plug in my light and prep the canvas.

When the event opens, I turn on my light and begin to paint, usually

cycling between a few different canvases, until I feel they need a few

minutes to dry. At this time I will turn off my light and usually go for a

short break.

I continue to work through paintings as the night goes on, bopping along to

the music or chatting with anyone who approaches my canvas.

I can be as involved or as passive as the event requires. I am not afraid of public

speaking, and have no problem introducing myself. I can also just be a subtle

presence while bands play or otherwise.

Upon shut down, I will close the silent auction for the live painting results. I supply all silent auction signage and forms. Generally, I will take the pieces home to finish edges, finalize details, etc. and contact winners the following day for delivery.

Live Painting, 2017

Venue: East Kelowna Market

Time: Approx 2 hrs

Booking Info

Interested in booking me for an event?

My Requirements:

- A space of minimum 6' radius

- Access to a plug-in within approx 6' (for a light that shines down on the art as I work).

- Allowing a silent auction to potentially sell pieces. In the case of charity events, I will donate a percentage of proceeds to the cause.

- Compensation: I spend a lot of money on paint, canvas and supplies on top of the time between setup, painting, and take down as well as transportation. Compensation will be dependent on number and size of canvases, length, and size of event. Please do not hesitate to contact me about this. I am very flexible and have been known to make trade deals and various other forms of compensation.

Contact me to inquire!

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